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In 2005, WorldVentures Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent had a vision of a company that would cultivate the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and financial lives of its members; a company fueled by travel, life-long friendships and unforgettable experiences. For more than 10 years, WorldVentures has been the leading direct seller of vacation club memberships, the DreamTrips. With active Independent Representatives and members in 40+ markets, Worldventures’ products and services offer a spectrum of innovative solutions to empower generations and support the potential and promise of our global community.

As a part of this vision, my role is to guide you through our services, support you in your decisions, and help you achieve your goals. Welcome to “Travel with Ilias” project!


Dreamtrips is not only a membership, but first and foremost an experience which fulfils the prophecy of its name! Every day, DreamTripers are traveling the world, forging new paths to self-discovery with friends and family. The club carefully curate each trip from start to finish, from airport transfers to excursions, so each experience is unique and unforgettable. 


Helping people achieve their dreams is a great career to have! As Representatves of WorldVentures™ Holdings, we have world-class tools and training events to achieve our goals, expand our team and sell DreamTrips™ Memberships.


More than a mission, service has been the foundation’s calling since the inception of the WorldVentures Foundation™ in 2010. To date, the independent organization has led VolunTours in 100 global communities, donated 25,000+ volunteer hours annually, completed over 30 Dream Courts™ and raised millions in charitable donations.

Visit a Mountainside Spa Retreat in Costa Rica

Reconnect your mind, body & soul at an all-inclusive wellness eco-retreat in the mountains with included yoga, meditation & a relaxing massage on this Platinum DreamTrip — plus, you’ll go on a thrilling jungle, beach & crocodile tour.


What people say

“I’ve been on over fifteen vacations in the past few years, and I even met my fiance, Kristen, through WorldVentures. In fact, I proposed to her in Paris, France right beneath the Eiffel Tower! We now have total time freedom, a BMW that’s paid for through WV, and my life is completely different thanks to this opportunity. Freedom of money and time.”

Kirk B.
Member since 2008 from the USA

“When we began with WorldVentures, we were hoping to achieve financial freedom. But as we’ve done that, we’ve come to understand that success is less about how you use it to benefit yourself, and more about how you use it to help others. So, now, our goal is to help everyone who’s serious about WV achieve financial freedom.”

Zenonos family
Members since 2011 | International Marketing Director from Cyprus​

“Being involved with our Voluntourism efforts has been the best experience of my life! Today I am the person I am because of that experience; a better mom, a better role model…a better person. I went to Liberia because I thought they needed me, but what I realized is that I needed them just as much.”

B. Webster
Four-times participant at Worldventures Foundation

Start your own business

If you wish to know how you can start your business today, build a team, help those in need, create a source of passive income, or even reach financial freedom, then this video is for you!

Do you wish to know more about traveling?

Titanium Experience

Experience all your travel wants and needs in one single membership. Enter into the world of abundance which allows members to indulge in a world of private jets, yachts, villas, and luxury homes, all with a dedicated concierge.

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Our pioneering “mobile-preneurship” business philosophy lets you enjoy low startup costs and access to social media and training tools so you can build and operate your business anytime, from anywhere in the world using the revolutionary DreamTrips app.

Enroll using the ID: 70591863

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  • Thousands of Dreamtrips
  • 24-hour Concierge Service
  • Net Rates
  • Rewards Program
  • Lowest Price Quarantee
  • Travel Support
  • Dining Program
  • Entertainment Discounts


  • Thousands of Dreamtrips
  • 24-hour Concierge Service
  • Net Rates
  • Rewards Program
  • Lowest Price Quarantee
  • Travel Support
  • Dining Program
  • Entertainment Discounts
  • Presal Access (1 week)
  • Platinum Perks
  • Exclusive Platinum Dreamtrips
  • Apply 50% more Points


  • Private Jet Charter
  • Chartered Yaucht Services
  • Luxury Homes, Resorts & Villas
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Hertz President’s  Circle
  • Special Excursions
  • Spa Treatments
  • Resort Credits
  • Room/Suite Upgrades
  • Preferential Hotel Rates
  • Early Check in/ Late Check Out

25 USD/initial
25 USD/month

200 USD/initial
57 USD/month

140 Reward Points

300 USD/initial
100 USD/month

200 Reward Points

1000 USD/initial
200 USD/month

800 Reward Points

Enroll using the ID: 70591863

$100 gift card

The DreamGiver Card is a US$100 thank you for a anyone who takes the time to learn about the amazing DreamTrips Membership. This card provides a new way for Representatives to pique interest and expose more prospects to the DreamTrips™ Membership and/or WorldVentures™ opportunity. At the same time WorldVentures will donate a portion of the profits from the booking to to support their work in creating positive change in the lives of children all over the world.

Improve your skills

As we build our business, the company supports us every step of the way. As an industry-leader in innovative thought and technology, WV provides Reps with cutting-edge marketing and training tools. The Head of Training, Marc Accetta, is commited to bring us the most pioneer training systems and help us become the best leaders we can be!

If somebody told me that I would find a job that I could work with my friends, travel the world, have no boss, no schedule, access to successful people in my indystry, constant training, and so much potential, I would call him/her crazy! But it’s my life and I want to make it your too!

Follow me on this journey of self-discovery, fun, freedom, and fulfilment! Let me show you how I did it, and help you achieve your own goals.

My mission is to empower people, and give them the tools to make their dreams a reality. On the meantime you can always use the product, as I do!

Ilias Apostolakis

founder @travelwithilias, networker, investor

Enroll using the ID: 70591863

I would be very happy to talk with you!

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